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November 20, 2016 – Lucerne Festival Concert
Highlights from the Critics (translation: via Google)

“The towering Nareh Arghamanyan shows not only wonderfully lit, internalized song transcriptions Rachmaninov, but makes in Balakirev’s “Islamey” and Stravinsky’s “Firebird” from the wing a whole orchestra that shines and sparkles, becomes threatening in the bass, and, despite all the effort, exudes elegance.” Georg Rudiger, Baden Newspaper (Germany)

“The discovery of the tasting day is Nareh Arghamanyan. Her character is more open ….her expressive palette richer, and her technical virtuosity seems to have no limits.”  Thomas Schacher, Neue Zürcher Zeitung (Zurich, Switzerland)

“In the 19th century “Islamey”, oriental fantasy for piano by Mili Balakirev, was considered almost unplayable. ….But for the Armenian woman herself, this extreme difficulty seemed not to be the least problem, she mastered the chops of the score with her stupendous technique brilliantly.”  Leonard Wust, European News Agency 

Wonderful sound, as in her festival debut three years ago, she revealed with pianist transcriptions of Sergei Rachmanov’s songs: embedded in fine­sprayed impressionistic sound magic, she stretched Meyer’s “Seel Sehnsucht” with breathing cantilenas. At the end of the program, she invariably trumped in arrangements of Stravinsky’s “Feuervogel” as an incredibly powerful virtuoso, and was the only one on this day to tear the audience into standing ovations.  Urs Mattenberger, Lucerne Newspaper (Switzerland)


Online Commentary 

“In sum, gorgeous playing by Arghamanyan throughout… insightful interpretations that enabled us to see and appreciate new things, things we never noticed before, things we’d never have discovered without her help.” Laura Compton

“Her sound is round & full, fluid rather than percussive. I was impressed by her voicing & the way all the notes of her chords begin precisely together.” Axel Feldheim

“Nareh Arghamanyan’s first recording for PENTATONE of solo piano works by Rachmaninov showed her to be an artist of surprising maturity who combines musical acuity with a prodigious technique.” Enrique Llamas

“Pianist Nareh Arghamanyan Casts a Spell Over the Northeast Corridor This Fall, Including Her Highly Anticipated Performance at Lincoln Center” John J. Puccio

“It was the symphony’s guest star performer, Nareh Arghamanyan, rehearsing. I enjoyed having a front row, private performance, noticing the sections she practiced the most, and getting a heads up on what the encore would be. Oh my goodness, what a phenomenon she is.” Kelly Sargent

“Please have a listen to this wonderful young Armenian girl, Nareh Arghamanyan. I hadn’t come across her before, but had a timely tip-off from a pianophile pal who says she has been creating quite a buzz across the Pond.” Jessica Duchen

“Fabulous! Why have I been in the dark about this pianist??? She is so completely connected to the music…” Todd Smithers

“Exquisite performance, with excellent dynamic control, gorgeous tonal quality and color, beautiful expression and technical precision.Bravissima!!!” Alfred Watson

“Nareh is a brilliant pianist, the best I have ever seen. She received a standing ovation at the Winspear Center on March 29, 2014” David Armstrong

“Phenomenal playing; phrasing, tone production.. Bravo!!!!!!” Shirley Kirsten

“Fantastic, gives me goosebumps!” Lisa Fogler